Welcome to the Macquarie Marshes Environmental Trust


We are a small group of Macquarie Valley residents who have decided to make a real difference for the Macquarie Marshes, an iconic wetland in our valley. Get background information on the Macquarie Marshes.

Most of us are mixed farmers, grazing cattle and sheep and growing crops like wheat and cotton to earn our livings. Find out more about our current Management Committee.

Restoring Burrima

We have been awarded the Nature Conservation Champions of the Catchment Runners-up for 2009. In 2005 we formed a unit trust and each contributed to buy “Burrima”, a small wetland property in the North Macquarie Marsh. See the amazing restoration of Burrima.

Identifying threats

All of us have lived in the Macquarie Valley for many years, and some of us grew up here. We have seen these iconic wetlands paying the price of water manipulation and outdated landuse practices. Learn more about threats to the Macquarie Marshes.

Expanding our efforts

We would like to be able to buy more private land of high conservation value in the Macquarie Marshes as it comes onto the market, and manage it for conservation outcomes. Your tax deductible donation would be gratefully received. Find out how you can help us help the Macquarie Marshes.