Macquarie Marshes

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Map 1 - Macquarie River Valley

Map 1 shows the location of the vast Macquarie Marshes floodplain (around 220,000 ha) within the Macquarie Valley.

Burrendong Dam on the upper reaches of the Macquarie River is the main water storage for the towns and industries of the valley.

Upstream of Narromine a number of creeks and rivers flow into the Macquarie River and are called its tributaries. Downstream of Narromine the river enters its floodplain, and all these creeks flow out of the river, and are therefore called distributaries or effluent creeks. They are also ephemeral, meaning they do not flow all the time.

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Map 2 - Macquarie Marshes

Map 2 shows the Macquarie Marshes floodplain in more detail. You can see the location of the North and South Marsh Nature Reserves, and ‘Ninia’.


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These three areas combined form the Macquarie Marshes Nature Reserve which totals 18,143 ha in area. It is publicly owned and managed by the NSW Department of Environment & Climate Change. As a Nature Reserve it is not generally open for public visitation the way a National Park can be visited.

The rest of the Macquarie Marshes floodplain consists of private properties, on which the main landuses are cattle and sheep grazing and cropping.

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Map 3 - Aerial view

Map 3 is an aerial photograph of the North Marsh Nature Reserve. The small “bight” out of its western border is “Burrima”.

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